Kelso Christian Assembly





      You will find our infant room to be clean,

bright and cheerful with plenty of room for

crawling and exploring. Caregivers provide a  

stimulating environment where children can be

safe, healthy and build relationships, while

experimenting with age- and stage-appropriate

toys and materials.


      The most important element in our toddler

program is the relationship building process.

Toddlers develop best in an atmosphere that 

includes meaningful interaction with caregivers,

other children, plenty of safe, age-appropriate

toys and materials to explore and experiment  

with, and lots of tender loving care. 

      Each toddler is a precious gift from God and

will be taught this daily by our staff.


      Hands-on, theme-based learning

experiences are provided for our preschool

children in a loving, encouraging environment

that daily facilitates their continued social,

emotional, physical, creative and spiritual

growth and development.


      Our goal is to nurture a hunger for learning

that carries children through their future

elementary years.

      Most kindergarteners are "little sponges,"

eager and excited to learn whatever they can.

Kelso Christian Academy provides a literacy-

rich environment, and appropriate learning

experiences to build on their natural desire to  



      School-age children are offered ample

opportunities for socializing and problem-

solving. They have their own spacious room

with lots of materials with which they can be

creative. Our large gym provides space and

materials for physical activities. Their

environment is safe and secure. A good place to

be when out of school and parents or guardians

are at work.




Our children spend the majority of their young lives in the classroom. Many Christian parents take advantage of the opportunities offered by a Christian school to help train their child up in the way that he or she should go (Proverbs 22:6).

It is exciting to know that there are 923 Assemblies of God/Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) sponsored day schools and childcare centers within the United States. Christian teachers have approximately 1260 instructional contact hours per year in a day school and over 2,000 in a childcare center. This allows a tremendous amount of direct Christian discipleship and evangelism to occur in this school system.

Private education accounts for 118,296 students within Assemblies of God/ACTS schools. According to the most current statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), approximately 10% of all U.S. students are educated in private schools. Between now and 2014, the number of students in private schools is expected to continue to increase by 5%.